Hot Trend = Metallics + 6 Fun Ways Wear Them

Hot Trend = Metallics + 6 Fun Ways Wear Them - Madpax

Guess what's the coolest thing in fashion right now? Metallics! You can totally rock the shiny, sparkly streetwear trend! It was easy to find metallic skirts, dresses, and tops spring/summer ’24 runways. This year we are seeing a saturated head-to-toe metallic look. How will you wear these fun metallics? Want some pointers? Whether you're with friends, going to your favorite hangout spot or going to a cool party, here are some awesome ways to add a touch of metallic to amp up any outfit. Or maybe you’re are brave enough to go with a head-to-toe look…either way find your style and rock it. Here’s some 6 fun ideas to inspire your shine!

1. Stand-Out Shiny Sneakers:

  • Swap your regular sneakers for a pair that shines! You can find awesome metallic sneakers in gold, silver, or even rainbow colors. They're comfy and add a pop of fun to any outfit.
  • Loving these Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba Sneakers that ruled the 2024 Spring runway. Here's a splurge and more affordable option.

Adidas metallic sneakers

All Saints Metallic Sneakers


2. Gleaming Graphic Tees:

    • Look for t-shirts with metallic prints or designs. Whether it's a glittery unicorn or a shiny spaceship, it's an easy way to make your outfit stand out.
    • Pair with oversized blazer, bomber jacket and jeans (loving black jeans at the moment) and the look is complete.


Merci Merci Merci Shirt for WomenSilver Linings Shirt for Men  

3. Shiny Accessories:

    • Get creative with metallic accessories! Try a sparkly headband, a cool metallic backpack, or even some shiny bracelets. Little touches can make a big statement.
    • Look no further than our awesome line up of metallic backpacks!

Hi Ho Scale 3D Backpack by Madpax

24 Karat Gold 3D Backpack by Madpax

And don’t forget about this hot little number called Jackpot by Madpax. It’s part new line up of our Crossbody bags. The best part is it comes with two interchangeable straps so it can go from day to night. So fun!

Woman with Jackpot Crossbody bag by Madpax

4. Add DIY Unexpected Metallics:

Metallics can add a touch of fun to any clothing item…don’t have a big budget but love the look? Then break out some fabric paint and adorn a pair of jeans. This would look super cool with black jeans. Or get some cool metallic studs and add them to a denim jacket. Use your imagination and create your own one-of-a-kind look.

5. Funky Metallic Jackets:

    • Stay warm and stylish with a metallic jacket. Gold, silver, or even holographic – pick your favorite and shine bright wherever you go.

Men's Metallic Look Puffer Jacket6. Twinkling Tulle and Glitzy Mini Skirts:

For the little fashionistas, twirl in style with a metallic tutu or skirt. It's perfect for parties, playdates, or just feeling fabulous on any ordinary day. Plus a bit more grown up one for those of you who want to stay young at heart! Particularly loving the ombre affect on this skirt...and it's on Amazon!


Tulle and Metallic Skirt



Not all metallics need to be silver or gold…how about this fun fringe skirt? Would be darling with our Black Out Crossbody bag to keep the skirt the main feature of the outfit but still keep the vibe edgy and fun.

Remember, fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself. So, go ahead and add a touch of sparkle to your outfits. Whether you're a metallic superstar or just testing the waters, there are endless ways to shine in style!