Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap: The Art of Kidulting with Madpax

Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap: The Art of Kidulting with Madpax - Madpax

Let's face it, the whole "adulting" thing is overrated. Bills? Boring. Responsibilities? Ugh. Where's the fun in that? But hold on, who says you can't be a boss handling your business and a free-spirited fun seeker too? Enter the glorious world of kidulting…

Kidulting: It's Not About Regressing, It's About Reclaiming Your Joy

Kidulting is anything that offers adults a way to feel like a kid again. We all have that inner child, the one who used to build pillow forts and color outside the lines. But somewhere along the way, life throws shade and tells you to be "serious." Forget that! Kidulting isn't about throwing tantrums or needing juice boxes every hour. It's about injecting a healthy dose of fun and wonder back into your life. It's about rocking that bold graphic tee with your ripped jeans because who says you can't be comfy AND stylish? It’s all about handling being an adult and knowing exactly how to have fun too whether it’s what you do, what you wear, how you decorate your home…anything goes here.

Kidulting Hacks: Because Fun Shouldn't Be Adult-Sized

Here's the beauty of kidulting: it's totally customizable.

  • Embrace the Power of Play: Remember board games? Dust them off! Challenge your friends to a Mario Kart tournament or build a giant Lego masterpiece. Playgrounds aren't just for kids anymore – conquer the monkey bars and relive the glory of a good swing set session.
  • Make it a Habit to Spark Your Creativity: Color in an adult coloring book, take a pottery class, or write a silly song. Let your imagination run wild and rediscover the joy of creating something new. Give yourself some time and space to create...stressed out people are not very creative. Grab the time and make it priority to just be and see what happens.
  • Treat Yourself Like Royalty: Remember those epic ice cream sundaes you used to crave? Go for it! Life's too short to skip dessert (or the sprinkles). Indulge in something that brings you immense joy and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • Become a Backyard Explorer: Explore your city like a tourist. Funny how we live in places and never see the sights right in our own backyards. Wanderlust is a powerful drug with zero side effects! Visit a modern art museum or historical landmark. Have a picnic in the park, or build a blanket fort to watch a movie marathon. Heck even sitting at a coffee shop and people watching is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.
  • Fashion Accessories are the Perfect Way to Kidult: Your fashion is an extension of you, what you wear, and more importantly how you wear it and accessorize makes you…well you. Modern minimalist dressing is great but adding unexpected touches makes any outfit sing, especially in the concrete jungle. So, ditch the boring black canvas and grab a Madpax bag that speaks your unique voice. Fierce spikes, reptile textures, fun colorways? Absolutely! We've got bags and backpacks that clearly shows off your style and infuse your day with a little touch of playful rebellion.
The world needs your unique spark, so don't let the seriousness of adulthood dim your light. Embrace the kidulting revolution with Madpax by your side. Life's too short to be beige  and show the world we haven’t stopped having fun.

Keep it real,


P.S. How are you playfully rebelling against adulthood by practicing the art of kidulting? Let’s talk about it #playfulrebellion.