A Wish for Kids in 2023 by Madpax

A Wish for Kids in 2023 by Madpax - Madpax

We don't just make super fun 3D backpacks...here at Madpax we are all about supporting kids. Here's a little poem that shows you our heart...

In a world so sad, where expectations weigh, Where cultural challenges loom, night and day, There are kids like you, who dare to dream, To make this world better, to let hope gleam.

Growing up now, in a complex place, Facing struggles and storms, battling the pain, But remember, dear child, you're a star unfurled, With the power to save, to heal, to change the world.

Don't be bound by the chains that others may weave, Find the courage inside you, in your heart, believe, Your uniqueness is a gift, a treasure untold, A story only you can write, a future to behold.

So break free from the mold, let your spirit take flight, Embrace your passions with all your might, Renew your strength, let your joy unfurl, For you, dear child, can light up the world.

💖 Madpax